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SUBJECT:  Meeting Minutes, 3,6 August 07

1.       The meeting started at 1:30 pm at SJB 204.  The Prime Minister started the meeting with introduction of officers to the new members of the organization.  There was also introduction of members.  The first topic that was discussed was the events that were going to be held during the second semester.  This was because this organization is still trying to establishing itself in the campus. 


2.       Suggestions were heard and it was decided that we would be holding 2 events for the upcoming semester, these are:


a.       “Toys for Tots” program, where the organization will be going out to the subdivision and giving out toys and clothing to the less fortunate in the subdivision.  This would be held during December to go along with Christmas.

b.      “Welcome Party.”  This event will be welcoming new students to the Campus, especially the foreign students. 


3.       Committees will be formed and there are individuals who will be heading the events.  We will need members to help out the committee leaders.  Please volunteer some of your time to making sure these events become successful.


4.       Another topic that was discussed was membership fees.  We need membership fees because the organization needs some kind of way to offset the costs that will be incurred for every event that the organization will be holding.  An amount of P25 was agreed and the Minister of Budget will be collecting these fees after Midterms.


5.       Membership Pins and T-shirts were discussed.  It was agreed that the Officers would be wearing the bigger pins that cost P50 and the members would be wearing the smaller pins costing only P25.  If you want to order your own pin, please contact Matt thru Ma’am Pam or Ma’am Cha at the Admissions Office so we can get a list of members of who are interested in buying pins.  T-shirts costs will be determined, the officers are surveying the different printing shops and finding the cheapest ones, we will let you know when we find a good price for the T-shirts.



6.       Membership cards were also discussed, but no agreement was reached as to how to obtain it.  More information will follow at the next meeting.


7.       One member suggested we should have a newspaper-like brochure to give out to the members or post on the bulletin boards, but since it will cost us money to get these printed, the suggestion will be discussed at the next meeting


8.       If you have any suggestions for any type of event we can hold, please don’t hesitate to let us know by e-mail ( or contacting any of the officers.   Also, our website is up, but still under construction so bear with us.  Here is the website:


9.       Meeting ended at 2:50 pm.  Next meeting will be announced on the website, email and thru txt. 






FISO Prime Minister



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